VIDEO: Last Minute Trip to Zion


Me and my other dance friends spent our Labor Day weekend in Zion National Park as our last summer getaway. It was a last minute thing, so we ran out of campsites in the park. Luckily, one of our friends had a house in Las Vegas, and we decided to stay there each night and just drive to Zion each day. It was more than an hour away from the park, but it’s Zion. C’mon. Totally worth the drive.

On our first day we did the Narrows where we hiked the canyon through water, which was knee to waist deep. It was fun! I fell in the water with my whole bag with me. Good thing my camera was with my husband. Lol. After this, we went to check out the Canyon Overlook Trail which was only an hour hike. The view here was spectacular! Easy hike with a grand reward, a definite must-do!

On our second day we did the Angels Landing hike. I wish I had super grippy shoes when we did this hike. The sandy and slippery trail made it really scary for me, I almost backed out. But i’m so glad I pushed through. The view from the very top was so nice. One of the most fulfilling hikes for me, and I’d love to do it all over again.

xx Sassy

You can read more about The Narrows & Canyon Overlook Trail, and Angels Landing in my other blog posts!

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