Exploring Zion: The Narrows & Canyon Overlook


What. A. Magnificent. Place.

This is all I have to say about Zion. This is the 3rd National Park I have visited here in the United States, and by far my favorite. I wish we had more time to keep exploring, but all we had was a 3-day holiday weekend. Not the best time to go, I’d say. It was kinda packed, and reserving a campsite was way too impossible. (We ended up staying at a friend’s place in Las Vegas, driving to and from Zion. Talk about dedication!)

On our first day we did The Narrows, bottom-up hike. It was my first ever canyon hike, so I was very excited! Here’s me and the hubby in one of the horseshoe bends of the Narrows.

the-narrows-goproWe had to walk through water, trying to keep our balance as we were going against the flow of the stream. It definitely was a workout! The view was definitely spectacular. I can’t believe that this place was formed by water.


sassy-zion-the-narrowsLater that afternoon, we had a couple more hours before the park closed, so went and checked out the Canyon Overlook Trail, which was just an hour hike. I’m so glad we pushed through with it, even if the sun was already setting, because that place was so beautiful and so breathtaking! A great and easy trail, with a big reward in the end!


zion-canyon-overlook-trailPeople said that Zion was like the Disneyland for outdoor enthusiasts, and I couldn’t agree more! I can’t wait to visit again. Hopefully we get a campsite next time.

xx Sassy

Have you ever been to Zion before? What were your favorite trails in this park?

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