Winter Wonderland at Sequoia National Park


On our way to Yosemite National Park from Los Angeles, we decided to stop and visit Sequoia National Park since it was pretty nearby and on the way, plus I really wanted to see the gigantic trees. A day before, we already knew that it snowed in the park, but I never thought it would be a complete white out. Entering the park’s gates, there was no snow at all. It was just right before we reached the top when people started placing snow chains on their tires. A couple of miles in, the road started to become ice-y.

Upon reaching the top, we were immediately surrounded by the tall trees. It was so beautiful to see it coated in white snow, too! When I researched about this place, most of the pictures I saw were during the spring time or summer time, so getting to see the park completely different from what I had expected, took my breath away.

DSC07560 DSC07547 DSC07534 DSC07527 DSC07523

During this trip we only got to check out the General Sherman Tree Trail. With only a couple of hours until the sunset, we knew we wanted to see the tallest living tree on Earth. It sure was so tall, it couldn’t fit in the frame!

It was a quick road trip, but the extra 3 hour drive was so worth it! I can’t wait to come back here and see what it’s like without all the snow.


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