Wildflower Super Bloom in Carrizo Plain National Monument


It would suck to have let this spring season pass without seeing the gorgeous wildflower super bloom here in California, so we made sure we got to see it in Carrizo Plain National Monument.

wildflower super bloomThe Perfect Day Trip

Living in Los Angeles, the drive to Carrizo Plain is only about 3 hours. You can check out my The Outbound adventure for directions to this place.

My girlfriends and I wanted to catch the sunrise there so we all decided to leave at 3:00am, and we got there right on time. We hung out at the back of our pick up truck, had breakfast, and waited for the sun to rise. It was such a beautiful moment – how peaceful the place was with all the nice views..we were all so glad that we had the place all to ourselves.

california super bloom day tripsunrise at carrizo plain national monument It was also such a great place to just drive around and stop at certain location where the wildflowers were abundant. We stopped several times to take photos and admire the different kinds of flowers in the area.

california wildflowers wildflowers carrizo plainflower beetlesday trip to carrizo plainThings To See

WildFlower Super Bloom In Overlook Hill

Our first stop in this road trip was the Overlook Hill, which offered panoramic views of the whole area. It was very hard to find at first, since there were no signs, but this map made it easy for us to spot it:

carizzo plain national monument map
The road to Overlook Hill is unpaved, and you will find it along Soda Lake Road.

Simply drive up the road until it leads you up the hill. Park your car, and take in the wonderful views of Soda Lake and the whole of Carrizo Plain!

overlook hill carrizo plain wildflower covered hills in carrizo plainDry Lake And A Sea Of Flowers

From the Overlook Hill, we made our way south of Soda Lake Road and turned left on Simmler Road. This took us right next to the Soda Lake, which is a dry alkaline lake. This place reminded me so much of chocolate crinkles, because it was pretty much all mud, but covered in salt! The views here were breathtaking, and it really made the yellow wildflowers stand out in photos.

soda lake california soda dry alkaline lake soda lake viewsHiking Trails

There were a few hiking trails in the area which will take you through flower beds, and our last agenda for that day was to follow this trail which led up some hills. We made our way to the top, and was rewarded with such magnificent views.

carrizo plain hills carrizo plain national monument hikes wildflower super bloom californiaI have never seen so much wildflowers in my life! This definitely beats the wildflower super bloom I saw in Death Valley last year. The wildflowers here at Carrizo Plains National Monument were all so vibrant, and they covered the whole place yellow. I was kinda bummed that we didn’t get to see the orange and purple flowers anymore, which were all still as vibrant about a week ago. But I certainly am glad we made this day trip happen, before the bloom completely went away.

california super bloom spring wildflowers


There are lots of unpaved road in Carrizo Plain National Monument. If you are headed for this place, be sure to have a 4WD vehicle. Pay attention to signs which tell you not to pass when the ground is wet, or it has rained, because you will get stuck in mud.

Respect the place, especially the flowers. Always stay on trail, and do not trample on these beauties.

Catch the super bloom soon in California before it ends! For more information about this place, do check out my adventure post on The Outbound.

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    1. These posts look absolutely beautiful! Next time I am in California it sounds like I should be heading here for a Day trip. Which part did you like the most?

      1. It’s very hard to pick! But I guess nothing beats the solitude of the sunrise at this place 🙂 Hope you get to go soon, because this is a rare occasion! Who knows when there’ll be another super bloom as big as this.

    1. WOW! What magical looking location. The colors are gorgeous and your photography is spectacular.

    1. Wow!! This location looks like something out of a fairytale! It must have been even more beautiful to see it in person. 🙂

      1. Yes, definitely different in person, so hopefully you can go and visit soon! <3

    1. Los Angeles to Carrizo Plain is only about 3 hours drive and it covers the heaven in between. These pictures are truly beautiful. This is the best place for hiking to. Will definitely visit one day.

      1. So thankful that California is out of its drought state, and the bloom is the best way to celebrate that! Thank you, i’m glad you love it <3

      1. The beauty and solitude of this place is unreal, and I agree – it’s like it’s from the movies!

    1. I was amazed by the flowers. As a woman, I do love seeing places with bed of flowers. In addition to that, I love the color. The place looks surreal. I wanna go there if I will be given a chance. Those photos of the mountains and the flowers made me remember one of my favorite movies which is the “Sound of Music.” I can imagine Maria Vonn Trapp singing in there. Haha!

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