The Valley Of Fire


Our last day of summer spent in a very hot state park in Nevada. The name speaks for itself..

The Valley Of Fire

This place is so surreal. Driving from Las Vegas, we had to drive an hour east, and the views on the road were nothing but flat desert land with brown mountains in the horizon. We drove through the mountains to get to this park, and once we’ve crossed the canyons, the mountains opened up and we saw a land that was very red in color.

“That’s It!”

valley-of-fire-state-park-panoramaMy husband and I became so excited, because it was kind of like Cars Land but in real life! The place had so many rock formations, and we were so sad to only have an afternoon to explore. The place is known for its mini arches, so we kept an eye out for those. It was naturally beautiful.




valley-of-fire-sassyIt’s crazy to think that these were formed naturally by water flow & erosion! Don’t you think?

Another great spot in the Valley Of Fire State Park is their Rainbow Vista. From our point of view we could see rock formations and mountain with 3 different colors! It was such a beautiful thing to see.


rainbow-vista-sassyHere’s my husband checking out the Petroglyphs which have been here since 4,000 years ago! I can’t believe this is how they used to document their life. I wonder what they were trying to say here..



valley-of-fire-roadsThis is such a wonderful road trip, great for those who want to get away from the craziness of Las Vegas. I heard it is also known as a “Photographer’s Paradise”, and I could totally agree with that! I can’t wait to visit again, and hopefully get to camp here too.

xx Sassy

Have you visited or camped in the Valley of Fire in the past? I’d love to hear about it!

P.S. If you have plans of going on a road trip soon, be sure to take note of these 5 tips! Hopefully it helps you too.

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