Thanksgiving in Yosemite


After months of preparing for our Thanksgiving camping trip to Yosemite National Park, all of our planned hikes and activities went to waste when the park received its second snowfall of the year a day before our visit. For a planner like me, it sure was a bummer to find out that a lot of trails were closed. But that disappointment quickly turned into satisfaction when we got to the park and saw its magnificence in the winter time.

My husband and I were well equipped in terms of clothing and camping gear. We were warm all throughout our trip. However, we did not have those insulating snow shoes, so we couldn’t spend way too long walking on ice-y ground. ..So we spent most of our time driving around, and the most “hike” we did was scrambling over rocks to get closer to Yosemite’s Lower Falls.

On the bright side though, at least we got to focus on Yosemite Valley during this trip, and this gives us a good reason to come back and do the longer hikes then. During this trip, it was nice to take our time to just watch the waterfalls, look at the flowing river, and view the “sugar coated” Half Dome from afar. It was a relaxing one, no strenuous activities, just me and my husband appreciating the beauty of nature.

DSC07762 DSC07779 DSC07794 DSC07841 DSC07811 DSC07710DSC07768Yosemite National Park has a very mysterious feel to it during this time of the year, and it was beautiful. ‘Mysterious’ & ‘Mountains’ go together, because they are just so mighty like that. It sure was great to roam around the valley, but I will definitely be back again to climb those mountains.



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