Honeymoon In Hawaii


My husband and I picked Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon. It was our first time there, and with only a week to spare, we knew we had to plan it out very well. Our trip was in July, and that month is usually a peak season for Hawaii. We wanted to make the most out of our trip and do everything we wanted to do, so we booked things in advanced. Here’s what our trip looked like:

DAY 1 – Arrival. Car Rental. Check in. Grocery.

maalaea-banyan-condoOur plane arrived at 11:30am in Maui. We did not plan anything today because we knew we’ll be very tired from the flight. From the airport we rode a free shuttle to Enterprise and rented out a Jeep, and went straight to our oceanside condo which we rented through Airbnb, unpacked, and headed out to the grocery store to buy our food for the week. We planned on eating breakfast each day at home, lunch was always at a restaurant, and dinner was optional (at home or reataurant), depending on how tired we were. This way, we won’t be spending our money three times a day on food.

Renting our place for the week through Airbnb was so much cheaper & better than staying at a hotel! I highly recommend. The condo we found was right next to the ocean, with the view of the Molokini crater, and there were lots of turtles swimming in the shore. It was beautiful! We also rented our snorkeling gear for the week from Snorkel Bob’s, which I think everyone visiting the island should do, because you can literally snorkel anywhere in Maui.

DAY 2 – Haleakala Sunrise & Iao Valley



iao-needleBecause we knew we were getting enough rest the night before, we decided to visit the Haleakala Crater this day. We had to wake up at 3am to beat the crowd going up the crater to see the sunrise, so sleeping early the previous night was crucial.

We drove up the winding road until we got to the crater. The place looked like a different planet! We got there just in time to see the waves of clouds, right before the sun broke through the horizon. It was breathtaking. On our way down we stopped by The Kula Lodge to grab some Macadamia Pancakes.

Next on our list was to see the Iao Needle. This area reminded me so much of Jurassic Park, with all the green valleys. We walked around for a bit, read about the place’s history, and decided to just chill at Sugar Beach for the rest of the day.

DAY 3 – Surf Lessons. Nakalele Blowhole.


nakalele-blowholeWe booked our private surf lessons with Hawaiian Paddle Sports, we had so much fun with our instructor Jason, and I was so glad to be able to stand up during my first try! After our tiring session, we decided to just go around the west side of Maui, grab food along the way, and stop by for scenic spots. We ended up visiting the Nakalele Blowhole, as well as the infamous (tiny) heart-shaped rock.

DAY 4 – Road to Hana.



road-to-hanaIt is never a complete Maui trip without doing the Road to Hana. For the whole day, we drove around the east side of Maui, following the Road to Hana and all its stop points. Most people pay to take a tour for this, but we decided to just drive ourselves so we could go our own pace. We did purchase the GyPSy Guide app which guided us along the way, and I highly recommend that you get it too, if you decide to drive on your own. Not only does it direct you towards where to go next, but it also tells you what you will see on each driving turn, so you will surely not miss a thing!

We started off our Hana trip with a short hike to Twin Falls, then stopped to check out the Lava Rocks Beach, Black Sand Beach, and the Wailea Falls. Such amazing sites and we were only halfway through!

At around 4pm, we reached the last stop at Road to Hana, where you had to hike to see the highest waterfall. We were hesitant to go for it at first because it started to rain and we worried about driving home in the dark. But I’m so glad we pushed through! We got to see the Banyan Tree, walked through the Bamboo Forest, and saw the highest water fall in Maui, Waimoku Falls. It was definitely worth it! [If you do this trail, and you have a couple more hours left before sunset, I suggest visiting the 7 Sacred Pools! We were not able to do this because of the lack of time. 🙁 ]

At this point it was either go back the same way we came, or continue on through the dirt road (aka not-so-safe road). We went for the latter, despite lots of people saying it’s dangerous and there’s nothing to see on that side of the island. Boy were they wrong! It sure looked like a complete wasteland because of the dried up lava trails, and broken street rails, but it was an amazing site to see! Towards the end of the road, there was a random stone fire pizza stand on top of a small hill. We stopped by here for dinner, and made our way back home.

DAY 5 – Scuba Diving.

snorkel-coupleScheduling our scuba diving trip was kind of tricky because you can’t go to high places after your dive. We booked our scuba trip with In2scuba, and we had so much fun! Our instructor Ty was amazing. I struggled with water getting in my mask a couple of times but he helped me calm myself down to get it out without rising to the shore. He certainly made me feel comfortable being underwater. No other activities were scheduled for today, so we decided to chill at the beach, went snorkeling and saw our very first turtle. (duuuuuude!)

DAY 6 – Sailboat Cruise. Molokini Snorkel. Luau.


snorkel-molokini-craterSailed with Sail Trilogy today, where they took us to the Molokini Crater and Makena Landing to go snorkeling. The water in Molokini Crater was so clear! The captain said it reminded him of a bottle of Windex, which was very true. The fishes and the corals in Molokini Crater were all so colorful. When we snorkeled in Makena Landing, I was able to swim right next to a turtle. That was seriously the highlight of my entire trip! (duuuuuuuude!)

After a full day of swimming and sailing the oceans of Maui, we capped the day with a Royal Lahaina Luau. Ate some legit hawaiian food and got to see some hawaiian dances.

DAY 7 – Zipline.

piiholo-ziplineOur last day in Maui was spent gliding over the rainforest with Piiholo Zipline. This tour was so much fun! Definitely adrenaline pumping, with matching 360 views of the island.

Got home quite early today so we hung out in our condo’s backyard where they had the beach full of sea turtles, and a nice pool where I got to unwind while my husband grilled BBQ on the side.

DAY 8 – Check out.

maui-hawaiiThis was definitely a sad day. Lol! We did not want to leave this beautiful place!  The activity-filled week went by too fast. This was indeed one of the most amazing trips we’ve had together, and I hope we get to do it all again in the future.

If you’re planning a trip to Maui, my tip for you is to only book one activity for each day, so you can just freestyle and be spontaneous the rest of the day. If you book two activities in one day, you’ll find yourself rushing to the next scheduled activity, and this will take the “vacation” away from you.


If you’ve been to Maui before, what other places did you go to and what activities did you enjoy? 

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