Exploring Zion: Angel’s Landing


A place so high, only angels could land on it.

Researching about this trail gave me second thoughts about doing it when we were almost at the top. To this date, there have been 6 reports of people who have died from falling off the side of this very steep trail. When we got to the top, before the last part of the trail, it was certainly no joke. It was a shark’s fin shaped mountain, with a 1,488 foot drop.

..and we were going to climb it.zion-angels-landing-final-ascent


angels-landing-signThe trail only had chains on the side for us to hold on to, and my sweaty hands did not help at all! My legs were shaking all throughout. It was crazy! But after a few nail-biting ascends, we finally got to the top, where they had a wide enough land to relax without having to worry about falling off.

The view at the top was unbelievable. It took all the jitters away! There’s really something about mountains that calms my soul.



angels-landing-view-3After a couple of minutes of hanging out at the top of Angel’s Landing, it was time to get nervous again about going down. It was definitely harder, because you would see the bottom as you were going down. I’ve never held on so tightly for dear life!

angels-landing-sassySure enough, it was an experience worth remembering. I will always be proud of this accomplishment. By far the hardest & scariest hike i’ve done in my life! I can’t wait for more adventures like this in the future.

xx Sassy

Have you ever been to Zion before? What are some trails I should check out next time I visit?

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