Death Valley: Zabriskie Point & Dante’s View


**Part 2 of our weekend trip to Death Valley National Park. Click here for Part 1.


For our second day in Death Valley, we made sure we got up early enough to catch the sunrise. Drove up to Zabriskie Point just in time, and we even had a couple of minutes to just lay there and view the stars before the sun showed up.

When we got there, I noticed a lot of photographers aiming their cameras away from where the sun was expected to rise, which confused me a lot. Once the sun started rising, I saw how the sun’s light hit the tip of the mountains on the opposite side, with hues of orange and peach. It was beautiful! No wonder everyone there was faced that way.

badlands sunrise death valley badlands death valley zabriskie point viewWe headed for Dante’s View next, which is one of the best photographic spots in the park, overlooking Death Valley. Elevation here is 5,476 feet above sea level, and below it you will see the lowest point, Badwater Basin which is 282ft below sea level.

I really enjoyed the panoramic views this place had to offer, plus it was very easy to access. The viewpoint was literally right next to the parking lot. Another interesting fact about this place is it was used as a film location for the 1977 Star Wars movie. Up here, I felt like I was on a different planet.

dantes view death valley dantes view badwater basinWe went back to our campsite afterwards to meet the check-out time of 11am. Stopped by their Visitor Center to get a stamp for my National Parks Passport, and asked about our last planned activity for the day —The Racetrack Playa.

Unfortunately, the car we had was not suitable for the drive to Racetrack Playa. Cars with 4 wheel drives were required, so we were not allowed to go 🙁 So if you ever plan on checking this place out, be sure to bring the right vehicle, fit to drive the unpaved road.

We ended our trip by taking lots of pictures of the super bloom, roamed around the flower field, and appreciated the beauty of this rare occasion.

yellow flower windThis concludes our weekend trip to Death Valley National Park. I would definitely plan another trip in the future to see more places the park had to offer, such as the other sand dunes (Eureka & Panamint Dunes), The Devil’s Golf Course, Darwin Falls, Scotty’s Castle, and of course to go back and see The Racetrack Playa.

Most people tend to underestimate the beauty of Death Valley, thinking that it is just a huge piece of land with nothing to see, but in fact there is lots to see here. I’ve never seen such interesting rock formations and out-of-this-world landscapes in my life!

xx Sassy

If you have been to Death Valley in before, what was your favorite thing about this park?

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