A Visit to Big Bear Mountain in Spring


Took a short trip to Big Bear Mountain a couple of weeks ago, and it was a relaxing one. I loved it. It was my mom’s birthday, and to celebrate, the whole family requested for me to plan an adventure for all of us. I opted for a comfy & cozy cabin in Big Bear Lake, that was in the middle of all the activities, so it would be convenient for everybody.

It was already close to the first day of spring when we went, so there was no more snow. However, they did have artificial snow for the ski resorts. I’ve never been to Big Bear before, and I’m pretty sure it would have been so much more beautiful if there was snow everywhere, but I just love how we were able to walk around without worrying about frost bite.

One of the agendas we had was to visit the zoo. The kids definitely enjoyed this one, and I personally loved seeing the wolves and the bears.

big bear zoo foxbig bear zoo owl big bear zoo eagleAnother activity on our list was to check out Castle Rock Trail, a short and slightly steep 2-mile hiking trail, which offers great views of Big Bear Lake. My family and I really enjoyed this hike. There were lots of oak and pine trees which offered shade, and lots of rocks and boulders to climb on for fun.

big bear hiking trails big bear pine treesDoing this hike in the springtime gave us a gorgeous view of the blue lake surrounded by green trees. It was lovely!

You can find more details about this hike in my Hike the Castle Rock Trail at Big Bear Lake adventure on The Outbound!

castle rock trail panorama trail sign castle rock trail big bearWe ended our trip by going to the lake during sunset. The water was very calm, and the sky looked gorgeous. A perfect end to a beautiful weekend, spent with people I love the most.

big bear lake sunset viewSpringtime is probably my favorite season of all. I love that there are lots of clouds during this time of the year, which is the result of evaporation from the ice melting over the last few days in winter. I also love that the trees look so lively, and that the air is crisp. It is simply the perfect time to be outside.

xx Sassy

Do you have other favorite spring time destinations? I would love to hear about them!

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