Arizona Trip Part 3: Antelope Canyon


antelope4200 antelope4197 antelope4192 antelope4196 antelope4195 Day 3 in, and our trip just kept getting better and better! We booked a tour to see the famous Upper Antelope Canyon, and it didn’t disappoint! This place is so abstract and so surreal. While looking upwards you will see the light from outside trying to creep in, and it gave the place such a calming vibe.

The tour guide was very helpful, too. He didn’t only explain how the canyon was formed (water gushing through the canyon, and swirling around which gave the canyon a wavy look), but he also showed us great angles for the camera to take the perfect shot. One of the angles he showed us created a shape that looked exactly like Abraham Lincoln’s head, and another one looked like a bear trying to climb out of the cave. But my favorite was this heart shaped one, right here:

antelope4194This was indeed the perfect way to cap off our Arizona trip. Oh, and did I mention that my husband and I planned this trip to celebrate our 5th year anniversary? That made it extra special, of course!

Page AZ will always have a special place in my heart. It is such a beautiful place, with so many hidden treasures. I will definitely come back here again, soon.


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