Arizona Trip Part 1: Horseshoe Bend


 horseshoebend4376 horseshoebend4358 horseshoebend4384 This place has been on my bucket list for years! Finally made the time to see it, despite the last minute decision. My husband and I were initially supposed to visit Lake Tahoe to celebrate our 5th year (dating) anniversary, but when we realized that we just came from snowy Yosemite and that we’ll be spending Christmas in Canada, we said it’s too much snow for one month. So we decided to cancel or Tahoe trip, and quickly made plans to camp out in Page, AZ. Because of the slow season this time of month, we were able to snag a campsite easily, and book activity reservations without any problems of running out of slots.

We made our way to Arizona, Friday morning, and got to our campsite at around noon. It was very cloudy and a little bit chilly, but all we could think of was at least it was not snowing! We set up our tent, ate lunch, and at around 3pm we made our way to see the infamous Horseshoe Bend. It was only a 0.7 mile “hike” to the rim from the parking lot, so it’s a perfect place to take older family members, or friends that are not really fans of walking long distances. With very little effort, you get rewarded by a very beautiful view.

The Horseshoe Bend looked so much bigger in real life, compared to the pictures that i’ve seen in the past! It made me realize how insignificant we all are compared to nature’s wonders. After taking a couple of photos of this place, my husband and I just sat on the edge and appreciated the scenery. It felt so peaceful out there, and so tranquil. A great way to end our day, especially after the long drive to get there.



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