Top 5 Unique Hiking Trails in Los Angeles


One thing I love about living in the San Fernando Valley is the fact that I am so close to different kinds of hiking trails, all with their very own unique features. Here’s my list of top 5 hiking trails for you to try out here in Los Angeles, whether you love scenic trails, challenging trails, or the more adventurous trails:

1. Munits Cave to Castle Peak (located in West Hills, CA) – If you love cave exploring and you’re not afraid of heights, then this trail is for you. The trail to Munits Cave is the easy part, but getting out of that cave to get to the top of Castle Peak is the hard part –some rock climbing is needed, and the trail is steep. It sure makes for an ultimate adventure though! (Find more details about this adventure HERE)

cave-of-munits2. Stoney Point (located in Chatsworth, CA) – If you love scrambling and climbing over rocks, then you will surely enjoy this trail. The view of the sunset from the top is magnificent, and not far ahead you’ll be able to see the 118 freeway. Stoney Point is very popular among rock climbers, but you don’t need to have any rock climbing experience to get to the top. (Find more details about this adventure HERE)

stoney-point-sunset-view3. Murphy Ranch (located in Pacific Palisades, CA) – If you’re into eerie trails and haunted locations with a lot of history, then this trail should be on your list. This abandoned Nazi compound is well-known for its historical reference to World War II. Definitely an interesting place to check out! (Find more details about this adventure HERE)

murphy-ranch4. Santa Paula Punch Bowls (located in Santa Paula, CA) – If you enjoy long hikes with waterfalls, swimming holes, and water slides in the end, then this hike is for you. This 7.2 mile, out-and-back trail, is great for warmer days so you can enjoy the swimming holes. It is also very popular among cliff-jumpers. (Find more details about this adventure HERE)

santa-paula-punchbowls5. Point Dume (located in Malibu, CA) – If you love serene ocean views, or if you’re looking for a romantic hiking spot for you and your partner, go to Point Dume. Only a short walk from the parking lot towards a scenic overlook above a cliff, this trail makes for a perfect ending to an already wonderful day. This is also a great spot to see the whales during their migration period from December-April. (Find more details about this adventure HERE)


Honestly, the list could go on and on, but these are by far my favorite ones which are pretty much close to home.

xx Sassy

What is your favorite Los Angeles hike? I would love to check out more trails in this city, so feel free to let me know below!

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