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Joymode is a new Los Angeles based company which gives people access to tons of different products which can be used for a certain experience or adventure. If let’s say you want to go camping, but don’t really have all the gear needed for it, Joymode is able to provide you with the necessities, such as the tent, sleeping pads, some chairs, a portable stove, and a lot more.

They offer a lot of different experiences, both outdoors and indoors, from getting everything you need to have a backyard movie night with friends, a fun day at the beach, to having a waffle-making party!

About some time in January, I received a private invitation to test out Joymode’s services. I had my Death Valley camping trip coming up, so it was the perfect time to try out the Let’s Go Camping experience they offered.

joymode furnace creekjoymode camping joymode cooking stove I was able to borrow the following items from Joymode:

  • 2 Camp Chairs
  • 1 Solar USB Charger
  • 1 Cooler – 50 qt
  • 1 Four-Person Tent
  • 1 Camp Stove
  • 1 Black Diamond Headlamp
  • 2 Sleeping Pads
  • 1 LED Camping Lantern

joymode solar charger joymode sleeping pads joymode camp chairsI do not live within Joymode’s current service area in Los Angeles, so instead they offered to drop-off & pick-up all the items in my friend’s house which was within the service area. The whole process was hassle free, and all the items from them were in perfect condition. They also provided me with a binder which included all the instructions I need for the items (e.g: How to set up the tent, How to use the stove, etc). Overall the process was easy-peasy, and it sure made our trip much more fun & comfortable.

One thing I’d like to commend them for is their great customer service. They were very easy to talk to, and were quick to respond to my queries. I had a lot of changes in my experience, like adding new things in, taking some things out, as well as changing the address for the drop-off/pick-up location. They were very flexible, and attended to all my needs. I believe that great customer service is part of the whole experience, and so I give them two thumbs up for that!

Once you sign up for Joymode, you will be able to access all the experiences they offer. Here are some examples:

joymode outdoors joymode home experiences

A couple of things to take note of is you would need to be in Los Angeles to be able to use this service, and you do need a membership or a guest pass to avail. You can learn more about being a member or how to reserve experiences in their website. The Live Chat feature is also there if you have questions. They have the friendliest staff who will surely guide you through the process.

I know a lot of people who would love to go on an outdoor adventure, but most of the time the only thing stopping them is the lack of gear & supplies. I’m glad that Joymode is making it possible for all of us in Los Angeles to experience different kinds of adventures with their service. I love the efficiency, and I can surely count on them for all my adventures in the next months to come!

joymode campsite night

If you would like to give Joymode a try, you can head on over to their website and use the invite code: strictlysassyvip

Hope you enjoy your experiences, as well!

xx Sassy

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a free trial of the service. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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      1. So true! Also perfect for groups! Now it’s easier for me to let my friends tag along in my camping trips, there’ll be enough gear to accomodate everyone!

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