#OptOutside on Black Friday


This Black Friday, instead of lining up in malls for the huge sale, my husband and I decided to #OptOutside. If you didn’t know, thousands of other people decided to do the same because of REI‘s huge campaign. They announced that they will be closing all their stores on the biggest sale day of the year, just to let their employees venture outdoors, and they encourage all people to do the same. I thought it was amazing that they’re doing that, and all outdoor enthusiasts supported it. It came to a point where some state parks offered free entrances for Friday.

I think this is the best way to spend Thanksgiving. No crazy crowds and no fighting over material things. Spending time outdoors will surely make you realize what you’re truly thankful for in life. Which is exactly why we’re going for it!

We will be camping in Yosemite National Park, and will spend this long weekend hiking and enjoying nature. It will be my first time visiting this place, so I’m very excited! Will let you all know how it goes, I just hope I survive the cold, snowy weather.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone!

xx Sassy

UPDATE! Our trip was COOOOLLLD, but Yosemite was beautiful. You can read more about it in my Thanksgiving in Yosemite National Park post!

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