Photo Set: Milky Way Captures at Joshua Tree National Park


Joshua Tree National Park is considered one of the places in California with the darkest skies. The very first time I went camping was at Joshua Tree and I was so amazed by how much stars I could see out there at night. It reminded me of one of the museums where you get to sit inside a huge dome with a star projector, only this time it was in real life and was definitely so much better! It was also the very first time I saw the Milky Way, one of my long time bucket list items, so I was very happy to tick that off the list.

joshua tree observatory milky way at joshua tree joshua tree night sky joshua tree night skyJoshua Tree National Park is my go-to place for star gazing, especially if I am looking to shoot the Milky Way. So glad that it is only a couple of hours away from where I live in Los Angeles – perfect for a weekend trip.

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    1. Wow. These photos are simply incredible. I really need to check out this place, thank you so much for introducing me!

      1. Thank you, Kristina! It is one of the best National Parks out in Cali, for sure!

      1. I appreciate it, Caty! Still very different when viewing it in real life, though 🙂

    1. These pictures are absolutely stunning! I cannot imagine the feeling and the rush of seeing it in person!

    1. These photos are stunning! I went to a stargazing park in Canada when I was a teenager and it was amazing! Would love to go to this one someday!

      1. Canda night skies are the best! It was out there that I first saw the northern lights <3

    1. Absolutely stunning images especially liked the ones where you have added a human element to the same.

    1. This is amazing. Joshua Tree in California has been overlooked for awhile in my bucket list, but after seeing your photos of the sky and how a camping experience can be ultimately a once in a lifetime gig, I am intrigued!

      1. You will not regret it, Janine! I promise! One of the beautiful places i’ve ever been to 🙂

    1. Gah! These photos are so amazingly gorgeous. I’ve had a few friends stay at Joshua Tree. I hope to make my way there one day.

      1. Thanks, Sheree! It’s a great place to explore, you’ll enjoy it out here!

    1. Your pictures are simply amazing! I’ve been to Joshua Tree but the night was cloudy unfortunately, so I didn’t get to experience the clear skies.

    1. I used to live in Twenty-Nine Palms and wold always go out to Joshua Tree because of the beautiful night sky! You captured it beautifully! I have not tried night photography and only wish I had your skill

    1. Amazing pictures! Just out of this world! Is there a particular time of year when the stars and the Milky Way are so clearly visible?

      1. Yes! In order to see the brightest part of the Milky Way (which is known to be the galactic center), it would depend on which hemisphere you’re on. The northern hemisphere (where i’m in) gets to see it from February-October.

    1. I need to brush up on my night photography skills. These are breathtaking!

    1. Joshua Tree looks really cool to me. I would love to visit there someday. I have plans to visit California someday. Hopefully they will become a reality.

    1. What a breathtaking view. I love when I’m in the country and get to spend some time just gazing at the stars. These pictures are simply stunning.

    1. These photos are amazing! I live in Austin so seeing stars is even a battle with the city lights. We went on a family camping trip to Yosemite this summer and the stars were incredible!

    1. Omg these photos are unreal!! This has officially been added to the bucket list!

    1. I am not much of a camper, a 2 star hotel is about as campy as I get, but these photos make me dream of actually wanting to camp under the stars. Not to mention learn how to take such great pictures.

      1. Thank you, Faith! Camping may be a bit too much for some people but I assure you that it’s worth experiencing, at least once in your life!

    1. You are so lucky to live so close to a dark place from where you can see the Milky Way so clear. I have been wanting for a long time now to just go camping and try to capture the Milky Way in my photos, but all the places around me have so much light. Your photos are stunning by the way!

      1. I appreciate it, Joanna! Light pollution truly is a bummer for astrophotographers. Hope you get to plan a trip to the backcountry soon to view skies like this! You’ll love it, for sure 🙂

    1. Beautiful photos. It compels me to travel more to the west coast with your write up. Hopefully one day!

      1. I am in love with the West, and i’m sure you will love it here too! Do hit me up when you visit! 🙂

    1. Beautiful pictures! I’ve never been to Joshua Tree, but absolutely love getting away from the city lights and camping out. It’s incredible how many stars you can see when you don’t have light pollution.

    1. Absolutely stunning photography! I love the National Parks in the Western US – I enjoyed many a peaceful and starry sky there.

    1. Wow, your night pictures are amazing. I had no idea that Joshua Park has the darkest skies in California. I love star gazing and this sounds like the perfect place to experience that. Hope to visit the park soon:) Thanks for the inspiration.

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